Upcoming Events

Leadership Team Meeting:

Tuesday, April 4 • 7:00pm • Brooklyn Campus

If you are part of the Leadership team, please join us for a vision casting and planning meeting. Bring your ideas and be ready to discuss. Pastor will be casting his visions as well.

Discipleship Classes:

Saturday, May 6 • 10:00pm – 2:00pm • Brooklyn Campus

We want to encourage our entire church to go through our Discipleship classes. They are to be taken in order and are full of great information.

101 – Believe – what we believe in as a church and how those things will help with your walk in Christ

201 – Belong – How sanctification and holiness will make a difference in how you live your life as a believer

301 – Become – Finding what God has planned for your life and plugging yourself into the growth and possibilities he has for you.

401 –Be A Witness- Learn how to tell your story of faith with confidence.

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